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VVIVID Squeegee Replacement Felts x5

VVIVID Squeegee Replacement Felts x5

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Vvivid black felts x5

VVivid Felt Tips: A sticky cut-out with a felt edge that is placed on the ends of a squeegee, in order to limit surface scratches and damages during installation.

Wrapping a car is an art form. It requires planning, creativity, skill and an understanding of the science behind the film. Just like art, artists are limited without a proper set of tools.
With that being said, it doesn’t mean you can't improvise and create a wonderful finished product. There is a certain standard that all installers should adopt when wrapping a vehicle. A plethora of incredible tools are now available exclusively for the wrapping business. Gone are the days of adapting tools from other industries into something an installer can use.