Protective Clear Vinyl Wrap

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Protective Clear Vinyl Wrap

This is not 3M, Avery or any one of the brilliant yet very expensive branded wraps. What we sell, we feel, is the best of the non-branded wraps. An excellent alternative where you can get a finish almost as crisp and eye catching as the branded wrap but at a fraction of the cost for a little more work.

Paint protection film (PPF) needs to be installed wet and does not have egress technology so installation is slightly trickier then the other wrap options.

Sheen: Gloss Finish: Gloss


  • Flexible and can be applied to moderate/high curves/recesses or any smooth flat surface.
  • Removable without leaving residue, will not harm the painted surface of your vehicle. (If removed correctly)
  • Can be applied, removed and re-applied (if done immediately) for those mistakes.
  • If you’re handy with odd jobs around the house then you stand a good chance of being able to install it well enough, if you’re absolute pants at that then probably give it a miss.
  • Busy patterns hide body imperfections like dings and scratches.
  • Most Gloss options come with protective clear film on the surface which is there to protect against scratches, remember to remove it after installation otherwise it will bubble up.
  • Please note that cars in the main pictures are rarely covered in the actual wrap, rather its there for indicative purposes only, simply a way of getting an idea of what your vehicle may look like.
  • Actual colour of the wrap may vary dependent on screen settings, we strongly recommend grabbing a small sample before committing to anything larger.

Comes securely packaged in a heavy-duty postage tube.