Dusted White Window Tint Film

Dusted White Window Tint Film

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Dusted White Window Tint Film


Dusted tint gives minimal privacy and is more about preventing anything from being able to be seen with any clarity. So more for garages or front doors where neither privacy or light reduction is required but you do need to stop people from seeing in clearly.

Window tint is one of the best ways to achieve reduce the light/UV/heat or gain privacy from those nosey neighbours and pedestrians, all at a fraction of the price of a fence, trees or pricey shrubbery.

The lower the % the more that’s blocked out and the general rule appears to be that over 20% is more about reducing heat and light but not necessarily privacy related while under 20% is more about privacy at the expense of light and heat

All purchases have to be in complete metres. What that means is that if you require 1.75m then you will have to be bump it up to a 2m piece.

Type: Dyed Film
Colour: Clear
Layers: 2
Self-Adhesive: Yes
Protection: Hard Coated protective layer from scratches

Key number:
Visible light transmittance - 60% (may vary -2% to +2%)
UV rejection – 49%
Infrared rejection – 37%

The tint is DIY friendly and at a basic level requires a sharp blade, spray bottle, squeegee and a few ‘how to’ videos on YouTube.

All the tint options are 2 layered which means you peel the backing off and then apply. The layers are super thin but they are there.

The tint will be securely packaged and posted in a commercial strength postage tube to avoid any damage.