Dusted White Window Tint Film

Dusted White Window Tint Film

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Dusted white window tint is one of the best ways to achieve privacy from those nosey neighbors and pedestrians all at a fraction of the price a fence or expensive trees and shrubbery would set you back.

The closer you get to it the clearer the image becomes so this tint does not come with standard percentages of light transmittance as the figure differs dependent on how close or far you are from it.

The tint is easy to apply and only really takes some basic household items and a few 'how to' videos on youtube.

This tint is manufactured 1.5 metre wide and in a 50 meter roll so pretty much any size could be supplied. 

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Type: Dyed film.

Colour: White

Layers: 2

Self adhesive: yes

Protection: Hard coated protective layer

Thickness: 2mil

Visible light transmittance: N/A

Infrared rejection: N/A

Ultra violet light rejection: N/A


The tint will be securely packaged and posted in an commercial strength postage tube to avoid any damage.