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***Clearance*** 3D Baby Pink Carbon Fibre

***Clearance*** 3D Baby Pink Carbon Fibre

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***Clearance***  3D Baby Pink Carbon Fibre

A one off clearance price, not to be reordered so make sure to grab enough for the whole project as it may not be here when you come back.


  • Ease of installation specific to this wrap - Easy 
  • Skill set required - Novice
  • Colours available - 3D Baby Pink Carbon Fibre



  • High Quality - Automotive grade quality vinyl designed for wrapping the interior and exterior of vehicles as well as having many other uses.
  • Air Channels - Built-in air channels on the adhesive side for bubble-free installation.
  • Repositionable during installation. Conforms well to most contours and shapes. Grid pattern on paper backing allows precise measuring and cutting.
  • Useful Life - 10 year indoor life, 4 years outdoor 
  • Will not harm painted surfaces - Does not leave adhesive residue behind when removed correctly.
  • This stuff finishes just as crisp as anything else out there and at a fraction of the price.
  • All wrap is between 15-18 MIL
  • If you are thinking about installing on a boat then note that the manufacturers have made this specific for road vehicles so if you were to choose to apply it on a boat then neither the manufacturer or vendor can be held responsible for the results.
  • All weather proof however please note the brighter the colour of wrap the quicker the fade.
  • Just use a non abrasive cleaning agent (like washing up liquid) and a sponge to clean wrapped surfaces.



Comes securely packaged in a heavy duty postage tube.