80% Summer Etched White Window Tint Film

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Summer Etched means that unless youre pressed against the glass only a vague silhouette/outline will be seen, benefit being is that you get some privacy while also allowing lots of light to come through

Please keep in mind though that a tint is not a replacement for blinds or curtains as the way ALL tints work is by reflecting the brightest light source, so during the day when the outside of your house is brighter then the inside no one will be able to see in but during the evening when your home lights are on and the inside is brighter then the outside then the inside of your home will be clearly visible from the outside.

The tint is novice friendly and only really takes some basic household items and a few videos on youtube

A full roll is manufactured 1.5 metre wide and in a 30 meter roll

If you need any unlisted size or for large quantity purchase discounts please get intouch by means of the 'ask question' box below.

Type: Dyed
Film Color: Summer Etched White
Ply: 2
Self-Adhesive: Yes
Protection: Hard Coated protective layer from scratches


Key number:
Visible light transmittance - 80%
UV rejection - 24%
Infrared rejection - 22%


The tint will be securely packaged and posted in an commercial strength postage tube to avoid any damage.


KEYWORDS: tint, film, reflection, reflect, black, silver, chrome, window, shade

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