8% Frosted White Window Tint Film

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8% Frosted White Window Tint Film


Frosted tint will show silhouettes only, nothing with any clarity. That applies from the inside out too so you will have lots of White light but no details looking out.

The lower the % the more that’s blocked out and the general rule appears to be that over 20% is more about reducing heat and light but not necessarily privacy related while under 20% is more about privacy at the expense of light and heat

Please keep in mind that a tint is not a replacement for blinds or curtains. The way ALL tint works is by reflecting the brightest light source, so during the day when the outside of your house/office is brighter than the inside no one will be able to see in and you can see out but during the evening when your home lights are on and the inside is brighter than the outside then the inside of your home will be clearly visible from the outside and you will not be able to see out.

For longer lengths please increase the quantity to the length required so for a 3m length of this width please select 3 as quantity and a single 3m length will be sent.

All purchases have to be in complete metres. What that means is that if you require 1.75m then you will have to be bump it up to a 2m piece.

Type: Dyed Film
Colour: White
Layers: 2
Self-Adhesive: Yes
Protection: Hard Coated protective layer from scratches

Key number:
Visible light transmittance - 8% (may vary -2% to +2%)
UV rejection – 99%
Infrared rejection – 95%

The tint is DIY friendly and at a basic level requires a sharp blade, spray bottle, squeegee and a few ‘how to’ videos on YouTube.

All the tint options are 2 layered which means you peel the backing off and then apply. The layers are super thin but they are there.

The tint will be securely packaged and posted in a commercial strength postage tube to avoid any damage.