Sunny Tucker Squeegee Installation Tool

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Sunny Tucker Squeegee

This tool is designed to lay down the vehicle wrap and vinyl graphics in body lines and tight areas that are impossible to reach with other tools. The Sunny Tucker comes with two ends to help in different ways. The hook end will enable you to wrap the vinyl around body panels like the front edge of a car door or the lip under a headlight or tail light. The hook end also comes with a felt buffer to ensure that you will not scratch or damage the installed material while applying pressure. The pic end comes to a point which enables the installer to reach into tight spaces to firmly apply the vinyl to the desired surface.

Useful Info:
If you install vinyl graphics or car warps, the Sunny Tucker squeegee should be a permanent fixture in your tool pouch. The more you use it, the more you will find out all the great ways it can be used to make your life a bit more “Sunny”.

Skillset required for use: